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Mashups are a binary sort of song type — either they work, or they don’t. If there was a “purist” subset of “people who enjoyed mashups,” I used to be one; I really only enjoyed mashups in which both songs (or however many songs were used) were in the same key, same tempo, etc etc. The verisimilitude of music construction.

Because of this, I haven’t been a really big mashups fan, as I find that a lot of them are made for novelty rather than for actual musical quality. Girl Talk straddles this in one way, in that the “novelty” in his albums is having so many samples that you spend half of your time trying to pick out the different original songs. Neil Cicierega straddles the line as well, but more because some of his songs sacrifice something actually listenable for something cute or funny. For example, this track, “Orgonon Gurlz,” is fucking killer. Its sequence in the album is right after “Love Psych,” in which he takes inevitable karaoke classic “Love Shack” by the B-52s and flips it on its head with scary strings. In itself the song is a novelty, but then “Orgonon Gurlz” comes in and mashes up what I believe is a Katy Perry song with Kate Bush and delivers a really awesome, interesting track, one that juxtaposes pop with, well, what would you call Kate Bush? With that. Some songs don’t work, some do, and I think overall in a way it’s a great exploration of Neil’s mindset, in what he chooses to mashup and sample.

Also “Piss” is an awesome closer.

EDIT: Oh shit I forgot about “Wndrwll,” which makes me laugh very much so.

the transition, pt 2

I’ve decided to reorganize and consolidate my online self. In a strange, perhaps ironic twist, I’ve decided that this means moving my website to Tumblr, or, in other words, making my main site a Tumblr. It just looks better. My knowledge of web design hearkens back to the Dark Ages, when people built <table>s instead of <div>s and CSS was some kind of new age bullshit. Back when gifs were inefficient and everyone watched .movs instead of .mkvs. The truth is that I can’t design worth shit, but lots of other people can, and I’d rather use their services than waste my own time.

So, I’m back on Tumblr. Expect a re-following soon. will also become the domain name for this site, and it will function as my website. All writing and other stuff like that will be hosted on a Google site, because the file sizes are small and I need a place for it to be.

I will write primarily on this site and occasionally post “podcasts” which will be lord knows what. I won’t reblog a ton, mostly because since I like to create I want to share my own creations first. I’ll probably also put up some Instagram photos because who doesn’t love Instagram.

Hi. Good to see you again.

i leave fun notes at work

"[Bookkeeper] gave me a Not to Exceed check on 10/1/14 to pay for certified docs for another of [client]’s arrests. I went down to the courthouse today and got them. The NTE check was for $20 but the costs came out to $21, so I gave them a dollar for the copies. [other bookkeeper] said she’d reimburse me, and I said okay, because I really need that dollar."

the transition

Last night, I got my hair cut. My hair stylist’s house/salon burned down a couple of months ago and so she has relocated to a temporary salon in northwest Portland. This place is located at 825 NW 16th Ave, but I misread the email and thought it was NW 17th Ave. I left work and took a sardine-packed MAX train to Providence/Jeld Wen/PGE Park, and then walked north through the drizzling “Welcome to Fall” opening volley of Portland rain. Thinking it was on NW 17th, I began walking north on that street until I reached the street on which I presumed the salon to be. There was a large, vaguely ugly block building with the words “Havurah Shalom” written in the upper left corner. I suspected this wasn’t the place, even though the address clearly said 825. Since it was a large building, I walked around looking for whatever looked anything close to a salon. But I didn’t find one, and the other smaller businesses lodged in this building like a symbiotic parasite were numbered 839 rather than 825. So I decided to try the door at 825. It was locked. As I waited, trying to figure out what the hell was going on, a man noticed me from a nearby window in the building and came to the door.

"Is … this where Denice’s temporary salon is located?” I asked.

The man gave me a look. “Um, no, this is a synagogue,” he said derisively.

When I got to the street corner, I realized I wasn’t even on NW 17th, but NW 18th.

The upshot: my hair looks pretty good.



This Obamacare stuff is bullshit! What if you don't have a job?


I'm sure there are options for people who are unemployed.


Well, my husband [who has a job that doesn't offer health insurance] was looking at the Cover Oregon website, and the lowest option they have is $150 a month.


Yikes, that is a lot.


And I can't put him on our insurance plan here because that would be expensive too, it's like $190 a month.


... which is split between the both of you.


Yeah but that's a lot to take out of my paycheck.


.... It's $95 for each of you.


(she texts her husband)



Damn you and your math skills.

just need to keep this for my records

walked into the bathroom at work and all the stalls were occupied. immediately what popped into my head was a parody of a portion of “love shack” that went a little like this:

♫ everybody’s pooping
everybody’s pooping, baby
folks lining up inside just to drop trou

everybody’s pooping
everybody’s pooping, baby
funky smelling shit! funky! smelling! shit! 

Started using Duolingo again.

random thought i wanted to remember

i spent so much time dwelling on the happiness and pleasure of other people that all it did was enhance and pervert my own selfishness.

Duolingo gracefully deflecting my alcoholism